About Us

Falstaff Trading is like a cozy little family where no one has the same taste but have to decorate the house anyway - except our house is an office where we all work.

It started with just a handful of prints to liven up the dull off-white walls, but it wasn't long before someone spotted an awesome Japanese Star Wars poster we couldn't ignore. And who could hang a Star Wars print without also showing a little love to the Trekkies? But if you're gonna geek it up, you've gotta have some Doctor Who in the house. As our office ascended to nerd heaven the print collection grew. Who doesn't love George Orwell? Or Bettie Page? Certainly we couldn't turn away those old school Guinness ads.

Before we knew it, there were hundreds lining the walls, and even more getting rolled up for shipment all over the world. 

Since then, we ran out of room on the office walls, but it never stopped our love for the beautiful, old, weird, funny, creepy, rare and unusual. Our collection has grown to include postcards, hard to find lobby cards, some very unique flasks, custom made lighters and much more, but our focus on delivering amazing service while keeping it fun has stayed. 

So when you think of that eclectic little family who can't seem to pick a theme and stick with it, but still manage to line the walls with every odd or end they can get their hands on, hopefully you're thinking of Falstaff Trading.