Goyoran Kannon Koi Fish Print

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Literally "Kannon with Fish Basket", by Hokusai Katsushika. One of 33 Forms of Kannon. In China, her images begin to appear frequently in 15th-century encyclopedias and scroll paintings and is typically depicted holding a fishing basket or standing atop a fish, which symbolize her role as the patron of maritime safety and good fishing. She is associated with a Tang-era Chinese tale (with many variations) about a young and attractive woman who appears as a fishmonger (carrying a basket full of fresh and shiny fish) to aid a riverside market town beset by a nasty dragon who, each day, makes giant waves to capsize the boats of merchants and shoppers. After selling all her fish, she tells the townsmen she will marry the man who can toss the most money into her empty basket. However, all coins that miss the basket, she says, will be used to build a bridge, so all can cross safely over the raging river. The men, blinded by her beauty and their own sexual desire, tossed their coins poorly -- not one landed in the basket.

All prints and posters are made to order on 11 by 17 inch professional heavyweight luster photo paper. All images are printed exactly as shown.

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